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The Deg Teg Mission Charitable Trust runs a number of programs to further its mission, which is to bring Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji’s message, sarb rog ka aukhad naam, to each home throughout the world (in this phrase, our Guru says “the cure for all diseases is God’s name.”)

Helping the needy

With a feeling of humanity, without any consideration of caste, creed or religion, we provide free of cost spiritual literature and assistance to poor and destitute individuals around the world. Please contact us if you or someone you know is in need.


Pyare Daya Singh Public School (Village Swalepur, Bilasput, District Rampur in U.P., India)

Founded in 2001 by Sant Waryam Singh Ji . He gave the seva (volunteer service) of this asthan (place) to Baba Gurpal Singh Ji. For poor and needy children, free or reduced tuition is offered, along with free hostel.

  • CBSE & U.P. Education Board English medium classes (nursery to 12th grade)
  • Special Punjabi classes (including subjects of Gurbani, Kirtan, spirituality and Sikh history)
  • Physical education classes and computer classes

Khalsa Gurmat Academy

Work has started to develop an academy that will offer a 5 year diploma course free of cost (including hostel). Students will be taught:

  • shud gurbani santheya
  • sikh history
  • gurbani kirtan (classical)
  • gatka
  • gurmat rehat maryada (discipline).

For registration, contact us.


In the Sant Waryam Singh Health Care Center, a variety of treatments are offered. For the poor and needy, treatment is offered at reduced or no cost. In case of emergency, an ambulance is available for the local area. Treatments include:

  • ayurvedic
  • naturopathy
  • allopathy
  • homeopathy

Spiritual programs

We schedule a variety of spiritual programs all over the world.

One type of spiritual program is a Gurmat Roohani smagam. That is, an assembly of people gathered to listen to spiritual lectures and kirtan (hymns) done according to the Guru’s thinking. This can be an event on a single day or last for several days.

Gurbani paath (i.e. the recitation of our Guru’s stanzas from the Sri Guru Granth Sahib) is a common activity. We also perform anand karaj, the Sikh wedding ceremony, and do volunteer service without self interest.

Spiritual programs are scheduled as requested by the sangat (holy congregation). We also have spiritual programs at regular, set times over the course of the calendar year. At Gurdwara Isher Parkash in U.P., India, there is a spiritual program on each sangrand (the start of a new month in the Sikh calendar) and rainsabai kirtan on chathaa di raath (i.e. the night before the full moon). There is also an annual Gurmat Roohani smagam at the Gurdwara Isher Parkash on November 15 & 16 of each year for Sant Waryam Singh Ji’s barsi (i.e. the date that the saint left his body). In Phagwara, India, there is a spiritual program on the 11th of each month.


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