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  • Our Inspiration
    Sant Isher Singh Ji and Sant Waryam Singh Ji
  • Kalyug Mein Kirtan Pardhana
    Hymns being sung at a spiritual program at Gurdwara Isher Prakash (U.P., India)
  • Pyare Daya Singh Public School (U.P., India)
    School children praying before the day's classes begin
  • Langar at Gurdwara Isher Prakash (U.P., India)
    The sangat eating langar after a spiritual program


To bring Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji’s message, sarb rog ka aukhad naam, to each home throughout the world. [In this phrase, our Guru says “the cure for all diseases is God’s name.”]

Aims and Objectives

  1. To construct schools, dispensaries, hospitals, religious places, public welfare institutions, old age homes and sports wings/stadiums; manage them with selfless service.
  2. To cultivate a civilized life spirit among individuals based on Sri Guru Granth Sahib and spread this spirit through spiritual conventions, publications and modern media.
  3. To help individuals that are poor, needy or affected by calamities, as well as pet birds and animals. Provide such individuals with free education, free dispensary and free economic help.
  4. To treat patients through modern techniques, including medical camps and spiritual treatment, viz. naam abhiyaas camps and gurbani paath "(the recitation of God's name and our Guru's stanzas from Sri Guru Granth Sahib."


The Sikh Calendar, Guru Gobind Singh Ji Parkash Diwas

Some members of the sangat (i.e. congregation) may be confused by issues related to the Sikh calendar. The solution to confusion is research and knowledge. Sikhi is not about blind faith. It is about enlightened faith. You can verify the below information by doing your own research using Google search or a library. Consider the…

Gati: the destiny of the soul after the body’s death

This is an audio recording of katha by Baba Gurpal Singh Ji on the topic of mann tu jot saroop hai, apna mool pehchaan [1]. Below, I translate an excerpt of it, starting at 32:19. I added words in parentheses to facilitate comprehension. There are two things that can take the human after death. Either…

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Deg Teg Mission is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, with offices in the USA and India (UP). Donations are needed to support our programs for the needy both in the USA and India.