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About the Deg Teg Mission Charitable Trust

Sant Isher Singh Ji of Rara Sahib and Sant Waryam Singh Ji of Ratwara Sahib are the inspiration of the Deg Teg Mission Charitable Trust. These saints lived for the welfare of the people on Earth and started a mission of spreading spirituality and awareness of Sikhism.

Sant Waryam Singh Ji created Gurdwara Isher Parkash in 1988 and Pyare Daya Singh Public School in District Rampur in 2001, in U.P., India. He gave the seva (volunteer service) of this asthan (place) to Baba Gurpal Singh Ji.

Baba Gurpal Singh Ji also founded the Deg Teg Mission Charitable Trust in India & in the United States. Through these organizations, he continues to spread the teachings of Sant Waryam Singh Ji all over the world through various media, including audio CDs, MP3s, DVDs and books.

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