The Deg Teg Mission Charitable Trust makes every effort to distribute the spiritual lectures of Sant Isher Singh Ji, Sant Waryam Singh Ji and Baba Gurpal Singh Ji using modern media. This includes DVDs, VCDs, MP3s and books. To obtain any of these items free of cost, pleast contact us. For your convenience, you can listen to audio recordings of these spiritual lectures with our handy audio player. Several videos are availabel on our YouTube channel.

Spiritual Lectures - Audio


Spiritual Lectures - Video

Watch additional videos on our YouTube channel.

Books in English

Sant Waryam Singh Ji has written a number of books on spirituality, which are available in several languages, including English, Punjabi and Hindi. A listing of books in English can be found below. The Gurdwara Isher Parkash Ratwara Sahib website has listings of books in Punjabi and Hindi.

  • Baisakhi
  • How Rend The Veil Untruth
  • Discorses On The Beyond Part-1
  • Discorses On The Beyond Part-2
  • Discorses On The Beyond Part-3
  • Discorses On The Beyond Part-4
  • Discorses On The Beyond Part-5
  • The Way To The Imperceptible
  • The Lights Immortal
  • Transcendental Bliss
  • How To Know Thy Real Self (vol. 1)
  • How To Know Thy Real Self (vol. 2)
  • How To Know Thy Real Self (vol. 3)
  • The Dawn Of The Khalsa Idels 2
  • A Glimpse Of His Holiness- Baba Ji
  • Divine Word Contemplation Path

Media on other websites

Also note that you can also find additional multimedia on the Gurdwara Isher Parkash Ratwara Sahib website, as well as on Gurbani Updesh (note that Gurbani Updesh is not affiliated with Deg Teg Mission Charitable Trust or Atam Marg Spiritual Trust).